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Couple's Story of Rescuing Senior German Shepherd Makes Us So Happy

There are many dogs available for adoption across the United States. Because of this plethora of dogs without homes, it can be difficult for some dogs to find people interested in adopting them, such as disabled dogs or elderly dogs, because their care can be expensive and complex. One couple decided to take on one of the more challenging dogs in this wonderful story.

TikTok user @juliamignault recently shared a video of an 8-year-old German Shepherd she and her partner rescued. In the video, she explains the conditions she was kept in before she was adopted and shows what an amazing addition she was to their family. Check out the video below for this heartwarming story!

Awww, this is amazing! In the video, they say that before they adopted this pup, she was sad and lost while stuck in a crate all of the time, but now, they take her everywhere and meet her every need. We are so happy that the wonderful couple adopted this dog and are giving her the life she deserves!

People in the comments are praising this couple for their selflessness. @patlopez36lopez said, "You are lovely people. God bless you, always," and @deaconblues77 commented, "She's such a good girl. Thank you, and love to you for all you do for this wonderful creature." We love people who go above and beyond to help dogs in need!

Others remarked on how great seniors and German Shepherds are. @thedogadvocate commented, "Senior dogs are so loyal and loving," and @dawnrowe5 said, "I love German Shepherds, they always give the love back to you." There is no greater feeling than receiving the love of a loyal dog!

We are so happy this German Shepherd is living her best life now. She probably feels rejuvenated from all of the attention she is getting and will live several more years through the power of love! We hope this story inspires others to do adopt a senior dog.

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