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Video of Couple Reuniting With Golden Retriever at the Airport Makes Us Cry Happy Tears

Seeing a friend for the first time in forever is a feeling unlike any other. The anticipation, the joy--it's the most euphoric experience! 

Because we know exactly what it's like, we can totally relate to @itsevabarrera and her husband, Diego. The couple were recently reunited with their best furry friend--their Golden Retriever--after over a year apart, and let's just say, the tears are already flowing! 

Though we know that blissful feeling of being together again, we absolutely can't fathom being apart from our fur babies for so long. These two (and their other pup) were so strong! Now, they get to be one big happy family again, and the adventures continue...There is such a thing as Happily Ever After!

Aw! What an amazing family portrait! We're so thrilled for Eva, Diego, and their Golden girl; and so are the viewers!

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"This made me cry happy tears for you!" said @awrn2027. "I couldn't imagine being a part from my dogs for so long, I'm glad you all are back together!🥰." We couldn't have said it better ourselves! A reunion like that couldn't truly be touched by words, which must be why the family opted for a picture instead.

Commenter @kelleywvu loved the Golden Retriever's "smile from the backseat 🥰." Isn't it just the cutest? It's easy to see that she's just as thrilled to see her family as they are to see her. There's so much love here!

We think @kmchitchat24 said it best: "You're crying, I'm crying, it's a beautiful monsoon of tears 🥰."  This precious senior girl absolutely deserves it! 

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