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Video of Couple Saving a Trapped Chipmunk Restores Our Faith in Humanity

In what has probably become one of the most anxiety-inducing videos on the internet, two people were rushing to save a chipmunk's life. The video shows Rachel LaVergne and Aaron LaVergne racing the clock to get the animal free from some netting. But as anyone whose seen the video will tell you, the whole thing is a real nail-biter. 

It's not clear how the chipmunk ended up in the netting, but as the video on @lavergnefamily shows, it was completely stuck. First Aaron worked to cut the netting around the animal's body, but things got really tricky when he started snipping closer to its body. At one point, the man managed to get the chipmunk's tail free, but by the video's end it wasn't clear if the plan was going to work. 

The video has been watched a whopping 20.7 million times and many commenters thanked the couple for trying to get the chipmunk free. "So glad you guys did this!" @joselynnsspams gushed. "You were so gentle with him. Thank you for caring. He was so scared I thought he was gone," @kirstynnhofman wrote. "We need more good humans like you!" @maycbunny added.

But everyone wanted to know if they ever got the little guy out. After several more videos showing Aaron trying to free him, the last video in the series showed that the chipmunk was eventually a-okay. "Freedom! Chippy made it back to his home!" Rachel wrote in the caption.

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Whew, what a relief!

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