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Sweet Video of Baby Cow Frolicking Through a Field Is the Serenity We All Need

There are some videos on the internet that are just too precious for words. And this one from @aurorathecow is probably the best. The video features a mini-Hereford cow named Aurora from Florida who was living her best life. And if we can be honest, we're totally wish we were as cool as Aurora is. 

Aurora has so much personality. Almost every video of her on her page shows the cow just as happy as can be. One thing that the cow really loves is to do a little dress up. Usually she wears a flower crown or her special pink bell. But in a recent video she was sporting the perfect daisy collar. Set to the classic song, "Here Comes the Sun," by the Beatles, the video shows Aurora running through a field — and all of the sudden we feel so darn peaceful. 

Understandably, the video has since been watched over 2.7 million times and commenters were obsessed. "That is the cutest cow I’ve ever seen omg," @montanna132 wrote. "This has to be the most perfect TikTok in the entire world!" @spookyguac cheered. "Ok I legit cannot handle the amount of adorable that’s in this video," @skeeter.mcgavin_ gushed. "Omg so freaking adorable," @lupitag74 added. 

A second video of Aurora having the time of her life has also gone viral online and shows the cow having a little snack. 

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Aurora is truly the queen of summer.

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