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Video of Cow Enjoying a Yummy Granola Bar Is Making People’s Day

A cow’s diet usually consists of grass, grass and more grass. Sometimes farmers will mix in something else to give them variety like leaves and stems from corn, wheat, and oats. But most of the time they stick to grass, or as farmers call it, hay and silage. So, when a cow does get a little extra something, they can’t contain their excitement. Ha, that’s no different from any of our pets! 

TikTok user @wadebrynn filmed an insanely adorable video of her cow enjoying a tasty treat, and it has brightened up our entire week! She sets down the camera to film her and the cow and to open the granola bar. Except, she can barely even open it without the cow sticking its nose up in her business. LOL! The cow clearly was sick of eating grass and wanted that treat ASAP. Watching this cow scarf down the granola bar will make your day! 

This is too cute! And it just further proves the point of how cows are just like giant puppies, sticking their nose and mouths right next to you to make sure you give them a little something-something. Even if it is as boring as a granola bar! It doesn’t matter if we eat it, or a cow eats it, those Nature Valley granola bars are SO crumby! LOL. 

“I think he likes those, but I could be wrong 😂,” laughed @Lydia Blackmore. You think?! He was happy to have any treat really! “Dude spilled less crumbs than I do with these darn bars,” wrote @Jesse. Honestly, same! The first bar was smooth and crumb-less, but after having a taste of it, the cow forgot all his manners. Crumbs were flying! We don’t mind though, it’s still so dang cute! 

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"Me on my lunch break at work," said @Sean Ungaro. LOL! This is 100% us. Too bad we aren't as adorable as this cow is when we eat! 

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