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Story of Incredible Way Cow Survived After Escaping Slaughter Has People So Touched

Everyone has a story to tell because every life is unique. We can say the same thing about animals, too. Every animal has a story as well. And this one of a cow named Bonnie is one of our favorites we’ve learned about! The farm sanctuary she’s at now shared her journey of getting there in a recent TikTok clip posted to @farmsanctuary. You'll be moved to tears with this story. 

Bonnie was unfortunately at a slaughterhouse like so many animals are. She knew the end was near, so she decided to bravely escape. So for the past year, this cow has been living outside in the woods. You'd never expect a cow to survive out there on its own, but luckily Bonnie found some kindness in unexpected ways. You truly won't believe what helped her survive during her journey before the farm sanctuary stepped in. 

Wow! A deer herd brought Bonnie in as one of their own. And she lived with them for a whole year! That's something straight out of a storybook. Thank goodness there were cameras around these woods for someone to see Bonnie was out there. The kind human who did notice made sure Bonnie got fresh food and bedding before contacting the farm sanctuary. Aww!

"Such a sweet story. Love that she had so much help along her journey...thank you sanctuary and thank you universe," wrote @Lori Nelson90. Seriously! She had both deer and humans looking after her. That's simply amazing!

Another commenter, @italktowalls said what we were all thinking, “I wonder if she misses the deer herd.” Aww! We wonder, too, but at least she can look back on that chapter of her life in a loving way. They were her foster fam for the time being! Other TikTok users wondered why Bonnie didn’t just stay with the herd. The creator wrote, “Since Bonnie is domesticated, she likely wouldn’t have survived long in the wild & without human help. She has cow friends now at Sanctuary!” We’re so thankful she did have the deer herd for the time she was out in the woods though. And we’re so happy she’s made friends at her new loving home!