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Cow's Reaction to Reuniting With Her Favorite Human After Being Apart Touches Our Hearts

When we think of animals that are attached to their owners we usually think of dogs or cats. But there's another animal capable of loving their owner just as much and that is the gentle, highly intelligent cow. Cows are highly social animals who make best friends, love receiving physical affection and are curious about other living things and the world around them. 

When separated from their favorite humans cows can even behave forlorn. Just watch what happens when this big beautiful bovine is reunited with their best human friend. 

Oh our hearts! The way this cow reacts to her mom is nothing short of amazing. @L.Thomas2022 posts on her video "I raised her from birth & have missed her head on my shoulder." @Scottstotler asks in the comments "Once you turn them into pets then what?" and @L.Thomas2020 replies " They stay forever to live on the pastures." How incredibly sweet! 

We aren't the only ones charmed by this because @Mombod05 asks "What does it feel like to be a Disney country princess? Because I’m jealous." Same, girl, same. @Tinker12342 comments "Her following you, should melt your heart! Thats how much she appreciates and loves you." 

We can't blame you if you now spend the rest of your day looking for a larger house so you can also have a cow as a pet. They are just as affectionate and adorable as dogs and cats!

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