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Baby Cow Gets Her First ‘Pup Cup’ at ‘Starbucks’ and Barista’s Reaction Is the Best

Starbucks baristas must see everything under the sun. From regulars and kids to dogs getting their puppuccino fix and angry Karens, all are pretty typical in a shift. So it's likely whatever you do at the store, they've already seen it. Even bringing your cow through the drive-thru is nothing new for these coffee creators. 

TikTok user @elitek9rehab filmed this baby cow's first Starbuck experience and we are OBSESSED. The owner and the cow are sitting together in the driver's seat. Omg, a lap cow?! We need one! The owner proceeds to order a pup cup for her cow. You'd do a double-take if you heard that right? Well, once again, nothing phases these baristas! 

How did the barista not even flinch from that order?! Oh, a cow, yeah there was another one in earlier and you definitely won’t be the last one of the day. LOL! “To be fair, a lot of people call their black and white Great Danes a cow,” pointed out @aduhnuh. And to be fair, these workers are probably so busy they didn’t even process the fact she said cow! 

“The way he said “sure”… like of course, we get cows through here all the time 😂,” commented another user. Honestly, we wouldn’t put it past them! We didn’t know this could be a reality but now that we do, we’ll do everything we can to make this our life. @Samantha said, “Starbucks & a baby cow, you’re living my dream 😂💕. Serious life goals. 

Part two of Mooey getting the pup cup is even sweeter! 

Commenter @lindsay.bindsy.jane puts it best, “Farm to table.” LMAO! Soon enough, she’ll be mooing for her mom to take her to Starbucks every morning.