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Video of Cow Coming to Greet Her Beloved Dad Is So Full of Love

Watching animals greet their favorite human is always so sweet. And yes, each animal does have a favorite. There might not be a rhyme or reason behind why an animal likes someone the most, it may just happen. But for TikTok user @milanda_campbell_raines's papa, he earned that title fair and square. In a recent video that she shared, her papa told the story of how he met the neighbor’s cow named Dolly. He pretty much knew Dolly her entire life. And that’s what makes their bond so special.

When Dolly was just a little calf, her mother, unfortunately, passed while giving birth. This sweet papa luckily found Dolly as she and the momma cow were right on the edge of the fence between papa’s pasture and the neighbor’s. Dolly had the strength to run into his pasture. And that’s when the friendship soared. Papa made her a little house, bottle-fed her, and looked after her. Now, she’s back living with the neighbors, but she still comes to visit her favorite person. And how these two greet each other is something one can only dream of! Talk about a relationship bursting with love. 

Aww! The fact that he kept saying, “You’re my baby, you’re my baby,” really warms our hearts. You can see how much he cares for her and even Dolly’s tail was wagging, just like a happy dog! The love here is definitely a two-way street.

TikTok users are obsessing over this relationship and how the love between these two is just spilling out. "You can tell she knows he loves her. Such a sweet video," wrote @Savannah Conner. She just knows he's retelling the story of how these two met. She's clearly so thankful for him! @Paty Borunda added, "Awwww he sure does love Dolly. How sweet!!!" The creator replied, "He sure does, he’ll always be her Daddy." @Jacke Beaule said what we're all thinking, I want to spend the day with Grandpa and Dolly." 

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It really is quite amazing how animals and humans can form such special bonds. This one just so happens to be one of our favorites! Dolly and Papa forever! 

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