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Little Ghost Cow Is Far Too Cute To Be Scary

So we've all seen the ridiculously adorable ghost dog trend, but why should dogs have all the fun? Sure, you probably won't see the fur baby in the clip below going door-to-door trick or treating with his human parents on Halloween night, but that doesn't mean that he can't get in the spooky season spirit too.

@Hayleyandhercows shared this darling video, and it will totally get you in the Halloween mood. Now, before you watch this video, be warned, it's scary! You may want to peek at it with your hands over your eyes! 

Boooooo. Or should we say mooooo? Benny is such a scary ghost!@Cowman2.0 agrees with us, posting "I'm so scared!" @Breadwinner1985 adds, "He's a good boy! Love this little guy!" Poster @absurdist doesn't seem too frightened of this ghost cow, posting "Too cute!"

We couldn't agree more. Benny the ghost is welcome on our doorstep Halloween night! We'd love to boop his little ghost nose like his mom does in the video. 

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