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Video of Cow Happily 'Doing a Line of Corn' Makes Us LOL

If there's one thing you must do when it comes to chores, it's keep things interesting. Even the best tasks can get a little stale. So it's no wonder why we were absolutely tickled by the hilarious way that one farmer decided to feed her cows recently. 

Anne Shirley, aka The Funny FarmHer (@shelleyofourfarmacy) has the best sense of humor — especially when it comes to her cow Oscar. A video of Shirley goofing around in the barn has gone viral with over 870,000 views. "Let's do a line of corn," she joked in the video's text overlay. The video shows the farmer laying out the corn for Oscar to eat — and then poof! Just like that the corn has disappeared. Oscar is like all of us when we're given our favorite snack!

Clearly, he loved it. And people in the comments section were totally cheering Oscar on as he chowed down on the treat. "Do a bowl of corn next time," @dlf8421 urged. "That cow made it look so good," @lizzzlz chimed in. "I wish I could get my kids to clean up like that," @audiocat2 joked. "I can feel splinters watching this lmao even tho I know cows are tougher," @kdavenport.31 teased. 

Oscar loves corn so much that there are several other videos on his page where he was caught munching away. Take a look at the video below, which shows the cow going absolutely crazy over an ear of the good stuff. "For my son," his mama wrote in the caption.

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We guess we know what to get Oscar for Christmas. 

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