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Video of Cow Who 'Loves Bagels' Is a Serious Timeline Cleanse

No one can deny the tasty goodness of a doughy bagel. It's by far our favorite breakfast. We could eat them every single day for the rest of our lives. There are so many different ways you could eat them too. Toasted, buttery, egg and cheese. The possibilities are endless. So there's no wonder even animals are obsessed with bagels. Who could blame them!? 

Take for instance this cow.  TikTok user @joshmerk7 discovered that one of the cows he has just absolutely loves bagels. Yes, you read that correctly. LOL! A recent video shows this TikToker giving his cow a bagel and we’re obsessed. As the creator said, breakfast of champions! 

O.M.G. Is that not the cutest and funniest video you’ve seen!? We’re wondering exactly what @Ben Fox wrote, “I want to know how he figured that out 😂.” The creator responded by saying, “Stole my breakfast one morning.” Note to self, don’t eat bagels in front of cows because they will steal it from you. LOL! 

“He just inhaled it😂,” commented @yo.lewiss. It was gone in the blink of an eye! @100% Bagel fed Beef coming to a store near you,” added @codyjscheuerman. HA! That must be some tasty, tasty beef! We have to agree with @bestcatclub’s comment. It reads, “Must be New Yorkers.” Well, New Yorkers are known for their bagels!

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And the only thing better than bagels is bagels with cream cheese! 

Now they're getting a taste of the good life! Bagels are best with cream cheese, our opinion! @Rhinorider6425 said, "I need more of the bagel cows." We all do! And now anytime we think of bagels, we'll think of these cows. LOL! 

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