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Video of Cow Asking Her Human to Help Rescue Her Baby Is So Touching

A loving animal owner will listen to their animals as much as they guide them. Not only does this help build trust between the two, but it keeps the owner in the know about any illnesses and injuries their buddies are battling. In this case, though, listening to her bovine friend allowed @farmchaoscoordinator to locate the cow's baby, who had gotten himself stranded under a steep bluff. 

This moving clip is just the first scene of the rescue, before they'd even found the calf. It's amazing how Mama Cow communicates so clearly to her caretaker, and equally as impressive how @farmchaoscoordinator instantly responds. Take a look.

The way the cow is calling out for her baby is breaking our hearts! Of course, we weren't the only ones to feel for this mom. A lot of the commenters commiserated over this cow's lament.

"But like why did I start crying 😭?" asked @the_b.r.o.s_. IDK but same! Missing a loved one is a pain anyone can understand. That makes it even more meaningful that this farmer stepped in to help.

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"A true farmer, taking care of their animals, listening to them," commented @tazzman1975. "They know we are here for them." So true! @Farmchaoscoordinator did an awesome job showing her cow that her baby was the number one priority at that moment.

As scary as it must've been at first, it must have felt rewarding, too. "Awh! I've had to do this with a couple of my mommas!" related @loyaltyovalova. "It's a good feeling when they trust you and need your help!" Pet parents and farmers can definitely relate!

Needless to say, there were tons of requests for updates about the baby and his rescue. Luckily, @farmchaoscoordinator delivered, and we got to sneak a peek at this duo's happily ever after.

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