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Cow's Response to Seeing Her Reflection for the First Time Is Nothing Short of Unbelievable

Cows are not only adorable animals, but they are a lot smarter than they get credit for. Studies have shown that cows are problem solvers, are affected by painful experiences, protect their young, and can even recognize their friends. So it's no surprise that when "Norma" sees herself for this first time, her response is pretty amazing. 

Check out this video to see what happens when Norma's caregivers show her a mirror, and watch to see how remarkable these farm animals really are! 

How cool is that? Using talking buttons, @Normathetalkingcow decides she is looking at her cow friend Nala in the mirror! What a smart girl. On TikTok, so many of the commenters are just amazed at how smart this cow is. @LindseyKilgore says, "It's so crazy how much they understand our language. She clearly understood the question. All these animals talking with buttons blow my mind." A more philosophical opinion comes from @JimDukes4130, who comments, "What’s most interesting is that before seeing herself… she knew what she looked like in her mind's eye or whatever."

We may never truly know what Norma is thinking when she sees herself, but watching her discover her reflection is pretty incredible. Now, we need a video of her watching her own TikTok videos! 

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