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Mama Cow Proudly Shows Off Her New Baby to Human Mom in Touching Video

TikTok user @courtnies.cows came home to a sweet and unexpected surprise on the farm. In a recent clip that she shared, she pulled up next to her cow named Dottie Rae and got out to greet her. Sitting next to Dottie Rae was a brand new baby cow! In the comments, @courtnies.cows said she knew Dottie Rae was pregnant but she didn't expect the calf for a few weeks. So she really did come home to a surprise! 

Dottie Rae couldn't wait to show off her new baby. The new baby's name is MeriGold and she's beautiful. We love her so much already! Take a look at the video and watch how Dottie Rae proudly shows off the calf to her human mom.

This is so precious! The way she looked at her human mom as if to say, "Look what I did!" was just too cute. She has a beautiful baby that we can't wait to see grow up! @Debnelen commented, "Aww, how adorable. ❤️ Looks just like mom ❤️." She sure does! "Congratulations! What a perfect little baby!" added @Patty. " beautiful they both are!! What a great surprise! Congratulations ❤️," wrote @Hallie.

@Patricia Monaco Feue said, "They’re both beautiful! I need to move to a farm! 🐮." We'd like to move to one, too. It's probably such a special experience getting to see these farm animals have their own little babies and watch them grow up. But until then, we'll just have to watch MeriGold's journey through life on TikTok.

"I’ve been doing it for 45 years, and it is still a treat every time I have a new calf!" said @KC Farms942. We can't imagine this ever getting old. And we just know Dottie Rae is going to be a great mama.