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Cows' Sweet Reactions to Seeing Their Favorite Dog Are About As Good As It Gets

When you think of an animal greeting someone, you probably imagine a dog happily greeting us when we walk through the door. They'll run full speed ahead to say hello even before we can even step inside. We'd say that's a pretty typical reaction for a dog greeting a human. So what happens if it were to be a different animal? We'd think that would come with barking. But of course, that's not always the case. 

Take for instance this furry friend at a farm in Wales. TikTok doggo @goldenlifeofbailey is beloved by all the cows at the farm. So whenever Bailey goes over to the gates, the cows do exactly what dogs do to us when we walk inside. We've never seen another animal greet a dog like this. A rare but beautiful sight to see! Some might even argue it's better than a dog saying hello to their humans. Watch and you can be the judge of that! 

Aww! We can't believe the cows started running across the entire field. They spotted a celebrity and needed to say hello! It wasn't like they were trotting along, they were coming fast. And like the good celebrity she is, Bailey wanted to talk to all of the cows. Ugh, so precious!

"Bailey is the rockstar of Cowtown😁," said @ourboyblue. No kidding! All the cows were lining up to try and get a quick glimpse of the celeb! And it's only for Bailey. The creator wrote in the comments, "They're always so curious when they see Bailey, but they never come over if I'm on my own 😂." LOL! Well, have you seen how adorable Bailey is?! 

@KJ and Nash commented exactly what the animals were thinking. It reads, "Dog: 'Look it's the giant puppies' Cows: 'Look it's the tiny calf.'" LOL! This video is also further proof of what @Cecily Hehir said, "Cows are just grass doggies ❤️." It's true! They're just bigger dogs who love pets and cuddles.