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Hungry Cows Gobble Up Pizza Just Like a Bunch of Humans

Pizza is one of the miracles of life. There is just never a bad time for pizza and you can ask anyone who has eaten cold pizza standing at the kitchen counter for breakfast before a long day of work. Everyone loves pizza and if you don't believe us, well, you can just ask this group of adorable cows posted by @Hayleeandhercows.

You won't believe how much this group of hungry girls will remind you of you and your friends after a long night of partying. We are all these cows. 

We absolutely love how she can remember all their names! There are just so many cows coming to claim their slices. Is it just us or does it sound like she actually named one of these cows "Pizza" because if so, well, that would be the best. @PoppyIrisandDaisy says "Some are trying to steal pizza out the others mouth!" Yup, they sure are, and we can't say we blame them. But we can't help but feel bad for the little ones! @AlChen asks "I'm a cow too. Can I have some pizza?" @Taylordean says "Pizza party!" And yes, indeed that is one pizza party we would love to be invited to. 

We love the ending where Haylee explains she has to throw the pizza to the little one because of that one cow who is mean. LOL! All these good cows deserve pizza. And all of us too! 

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