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Woman's Epic Reaction to Cows Checking Out Her Swimming Pool Has Us in Stitches

We've seen just about everything on the internet, but nothing could've prepared us for video of a woman from Oklahoma shooing some cows from her swimming pool. What?! The video was shared by TikTok creator @_marla_d, who seemed to be surprised herself by her unusual visitors.

It's not everyday that you wake up and see cows chilling by your pool. But that's exactly what happened to this woman and the footage is worth watching. "Get away from my swimming pool!" @_marla_d can be heard yelling from behind the camera as she runs outside. "Get! Get! Go," she continued. "Oh my gosh, get out!" 

Curious minds might be wondering; where the heck did these cows come from? Well according to the video's caption, the mystery might have an easy answer. "When the husband leaves the gate open to the pasture." Bwamp, bwamp, bwamp. Minus 10 points to the hubby for causing this mess in the first place. 

Eventually the cows did leave, but not before over 2 million people on the internet saw what happened. "And that is how you make a swimming pool a tax write off. 'Cattle watering tank,'" @wolffofmainst joked. "She was not a-moo-sed with your reaction," @susanmuhfuhkinreed quipped. "The little stomp, 'Ugh, you always ruin a good time!'" @nicolefonder teased. 

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Another husband fessed up that he had also made a major animal mistake.

"We had three yearlings get into my wife’s flower beds yesterday…not sure if me or the cows are in more trouble," @haycallaway commented. 

Although this wasn't the first time that something crazy had happened at the mom's house either. "We had our daughter’s pig get in our pool before, it’s always something on the farm," she explained later in the thread. "You just can’t have nice things," she joked. 

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