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Cows Show Up 'Uninvited' to Wedding Reception and We're Here for It

TikTok user @caihaun was in for quite the surprise during a wedding reception, as were all the guests. There were, of course, the usual things at the reception - music, food and dancing. But to the entire party's surprise, a few guests showed up unannounced. 

A wedding crasher here or there isn't the end of the world, but the amount that came to this reception is truly unbelievable. And it wasn't like these guests showed up later in the night. They came right on time to the wedding reception. But we don't mind. We love these cuties who came! 

O.M.G. We think all wedding receptions are awesome, but this one by far beats out all the rest! This is simply amazing and we're so jealous we weren't at this wedding. Best wedding crashers ever! 

"If this was my wedding, it would be ruined because I'd be trying to hug the cows," wrote @tailhessler. SAME! It would be ruined because we would rather pet the cows than do any traditional wedding activities and also, our white dress would be covered in cow. LOL! 

@costco_hotcock said, "They were so mooved by your vows they had to come over and say hi!!!" Aww! We totally believe that's what happened! We also think the cows came because of what @rice_pudding0 wrote. The comment reads, "Cows love music!! They’re just enjoying the vibes." Those cows brought some incredible vibes and we hope they know that they're invited to our wedding! 


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