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Video of Cows 'Yelling' at Their Owner for Being Late to Feed Them Is Priceless

You know how grumpy you get when you wake up hungry? Now imagine if it was your job was to feed a group of angry, hungry cows. BIG yikes. That was the case for one TikToker who was getting an ear full when she went to feed the cows one morning, but don't worry — she was not going to take their sass lying down. 

It all happened at Knuckle Bump Farms (@knucklebumpfarms), a "cow hobby farm" in South Florida owned by farmer Taylor Blake.  As the video shows, things got a bit heated when Blake was later than she should've been for a feeding. And boy did her cows notice. "The more you yell at me, the slower I go," Blake tells her impatient cows in the footage. "Geraldine, I need you to take it down — Iris!" she continues as her cows angrily moo'd. Unfortunately things continued to escalate — and by the end of the video she appears to have one cow-lossal problem. 

"I am always late, even when I’m early. I am never fast enough, always too slow. I am just a stupid human," Blake joked in the caption. 

Over 1.6 million tuned in to watch the farmer's beef with her cows and people were cracking up over all the attitude. "Iris and Geraldine have had ENOUGHHHHHH," @brookengentry joked. "The SILENCE when you asked them 'have I ever not fed you?!' they know you’re right," @hvzel101 pointed out. "'The more you yell at me. The slower I go.' Relatable," @dundun808 teased. 

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But don't worry, their tense relationship is all in good fun. "I haven’t had a day of peace since 2018," Blake joked later in the thread.

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