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Video of Coyote’s Unexpected Response to a Baby Deer Has Us in Disbelief

Most people associate coyotes as being scary, wild animals. And how can you not? They're very fast, sneaky hunting animals that you hope to never see in person. But TikTok user @timmc1269 is showing us a different side of these wolf-like creatures that has us second-guessing if they're really as scary as people say they are. 

As it turns out, this TikToker has brought in a wild coyote as part of his family. He likes to call it "The Duck and Weave Show" after his dog and this coyote, the unlikely duo. His TikTok is filled with content of these two animals from playing, getting treats and sleeping together on the porch. In a recent clip, the coyote wants to bring in another friend and you'll never guess what other wildlife animal has been added to make it an unlikely trio! 

A baby deer?! We seriously would've never expected this to happen. Someone behind the camera said that the coyote and deer have been playing all day. Omg, that's so sweet!! "I've got no words, never seen anything like that," wrote @Duckbutt707. Right?! We don't know if we'll ever see something like this again!

"Weave just wants friends," said @JustinTime. Aww! After realizing he can make friends with humans and dogs, he wants to befriend every living creature! What a sweet soul! Or @smalltownmom suggested, "He's just babysitting..." LOL! Weave is looking out after the baby until mom comes back from errands. It's just his protective instincts coming out! 

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@lil_mcthicccckie said, "You have a coyote and a baby deer as pets now 😂." Just a quick little recap so this TikTok creator knows what he got himself into. LOL! But don't worry, he didn't keep the Bambi. He wrote in the comments that the momma deer came back. Although, we sure do hope they come back for more play dates with Weave and Duck! 

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