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Rescued Coyote Pup's Reaction to Hearing Wild Coyotes for the First Time Is Pretty Cool

There's a first for everything. The first time you take your pet for a walk, the first time they nail a command, and even the first game of fetch could be really special. Thank goodness one person online managed to get one of their animal's most important firsts — the first time the coyote pup heard a pack howling. And his response is absolutely precious.

The incredible moment was captured by @taaqtamthecoyote, who must've been floating when they realized what was happening. The coyote pup, Taaqtam, is only 15 weeks old and has been living with the TikToker after he was rescued from captivity. But that means he probably hasn't had a lot of exposure to other coyotes. "Rescued coyote pup hears wild coyotes for the first time," the text overlay reads. Taaqtam definitely knows he's hearing something important!

"Will he ever learn to howl on his own?" the caption states.

The video has since been watched over 527,000 times. And people in the comments section were smitten. "He was like 'yo they speak my language,'" @pastelghostly joked. "He didn't know them people he was scared," @whomadethepotatosalad teased. "He’s like mom those are my people," @vasko4115 quipped. "I don't know, but my dogs heard it, so they should be singing for about 30 minutes unless I can break up the karaoke party with treats," @childrenofthekaren1 teased.

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Although some commenters thought Taaqtam was smart for not responding in kind. "He did the best thing not to howl, in real situations they need to be quite because it’s only one of them against 30. Being quite was smart," @sybullmaryjane_apbt explained. 

Hopefully, Taaqtum will continue to thrive and grow while in this safe environment. Don't worry, little guy! You'll find your pack one day.

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