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Man and His Dog Get 'Stalked' by Coyotes in Video That Has People Concerned

A video that’s going viral online is a good reminder to always pay attention when taking your dog on a walk. Micah Reed (@bruinstr) was on a run with his Labrador Retriever when he noticed two coyotes stalking them. It’s pretty much terrifying to even think about, but now people online have their own explanations for what happened.

Reed recently shared a video of the incident, and it’s just as scary as it seems. “I got two, big old coyotes stalking me,” he said in the footage. “Right behind me. They really want to get close. Are you following me? Both of you?” he asks at the end. All in all, Reed seems pretty unbothered by two HUGE coyotes trailing behind him.

People in the comments section had a lot of feelings about Reed’s scary walk. “Not after you… they are after your dog! Hope you got away from them,” @mountainmama3501 wrote. “They are wanting to get your dog in a weak moment,” @unclerat56 added. “Hope you're packing something for defense!” @vickistriegel chimed in.

While other people in the comments section argued that Reed had been perfectly safe. “They’re just coyotes, someone is probably feeding them so they associate people with food. They’ll run away if you chase them,” @sassysarah1969 explained. “If someone is close to a coyote den, they will walk with you to make sure you leave. They're just making sure you're not a threat to their pups,” @adswizzle added. “Called escorting. Making sure you are away from their den, @ericbirkeland agreed.

In a second part of Reed’s video, he shared that his dog is an 85 lbs. Labrador — so probably big enough to not be threatened. But it still would be worrisome for any pet owner to think of their dog having to defend itself. 

Thankfully, Reed and his dog got away safely — and maybe next time they'll take another route on their run.