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Cross-Eyed Shelter Cat in Connecticut Has Us Completely in Love

Every pet is special in its own combination of ways, but there's no denying that Ben Franklin the shelter kitty takes 'unique' to a whole new level. The white and gray tabby cat is adorably cross-eyed, and he has a look you won't forget. How he ended up in the shelter at all is a wonder to us!

This precious guy might be a bit 'moody,' according to New Milford Animal Rescue, but he's still one gorgeous boy. Since the shelter posted his video to their TikTok account, they must be getting tons of new calls and applications! 

What a cutie pie! We fell in love with Ben Franklin's sweet face the moment he looked into the camera. It's like we can see and feel the emotion in his eyes!

"I feel like this cat has human eyes and soul," commenter @deus_dona_me_vi agreed. He's peering directly into our hearts! We're relieved to see that we aren't the only ones head-over-heels for this boy, mostly because that means he's going to find a perfect family to call his own. 

"The audible gasp from adoring sadness from this one," shared @julzvong39. "I hope he finds his forever home soon!!" We have zero doubt that he will. So many of this video's comments were words of love for Ben Franklin, though @occulttoes had a pretty hilarious Moana reference to share. 

She said, "He should be named Tamatoa! 'Just pick an eye babe! Pick one. Pick one!'” LMAO! Even if this sweet kitty looks nothing like the shiny crab from the movie, the shelter seems to imply they share a similar moodiness. The name could totally work! No matter what you want to call him, though, it's impossible to deny how precious and unique his crossed eyes are. 

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