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Crow Returns to Visit Family Who Rescued Him As a Baby in Touching Video

Lifelong friends come in all shapes and sizes, including crows! Just ask Oscar, a gorgeous young bird who still spends time visiting the family who rescued him. 

When @danabryce and his wife first started caring for Oscar as a baby bird, they never expected that the relationship would continue long after they released him back into the wild. But sure enough, he returned to the very same yard, eager for attention (and some food). In a viral clip that's been seen almost 3 million times, Oscar and his parents are finally reunited. Honestly, we can't tell who's happiest to see who!

How sweet is this? It's no different than if a longtime human friend had shown up in the yard! Commenters like @keepcalmcowgirlon noticed this, too, saying, "if that isn’t genuine excitement to see a friend I don’t know what is. What a cool thing to see."

It really is! Many people have heard that crows have amazing memories and can build friendships, but truly seeing it is something else. "And they say animals don’t have feelings," wrote @vidagauthier. "I beg to differ 🥰."

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It's absolutely clear that this bird is feeling relieved to be home--just look at (and listen to) the way he reacted immediately to the sight of his mom! "'MOOOOOOM, DAAAAD IM BACK FROM COLLEGE'," joked @coopermacleod64. LOL, that's exactly what it sounds like he's saying! We just hope his parents let him in.

Either way, he is certainly well taken care of! Dana indulged Oscar's fans with an update video that includes his feeding routine, plus the cutest sound of a bird eating you've ever heard! 

We're glad we're not the only ones obsessed with Oscar's munchies. "I love the nom nom nom sounds 🥰," commented @rebeccaerin1973. They're just the sweetest! Clearly, this is one well-loved crow, and we can't wait to see him grow!

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