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Video of Cat's Cute 'Crunchy Meows' While Walking With Mom Have People Obsessed

TikTok user @bowieandjimmy recently filmed herself taking a walk with one of her cats and to say we're obsessed is the understatement of the year. The moment you hit play you'll understand why.

For some reason, her cat named Bowie was extra talkative during the walk that day. But it's the way he sounds as he talks that really pulled us in. Listen to him and watch all that he does on the walk. You'll seriously fall in love! 

AW! We want to go on walks with Bowie all the time because he'd instantly put us in a good mood with those adorable crunchy meows. "His crinkly meows and sweet chirps melt my heart!" said @signemanderson. SAME! We'd never get sick of hearing those meows. 

"I'd give Bowie everything he wanted, even if it put me in financial ruin. TELL ME WHAT YOU NEED, Bowie," wrote @brittjern672. We'd gladly give Bowie anything he wanted. He's too cute that we couldn't resist. 

And don't even get us started on the sassy, but adorable walk! "I could watch his sweet little waddle all day 😭," said @cassboyd1. Waddle and crunchy meows is the perfect combination to make someone fall in love! We have a feeling we're all wondering exactly what @Teresa Matthews asked, "Why is Bowie so adorable?!" Good question! The world may never know! 


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