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Video of Mama Bear Crossing the Road With Her Cubs Comes With a Stern Warning

Some visitors of Grand Teton National Park witnessed a rare and special surprise one day. But as sweet as the experience was, the video posted by TikTok user @chlowburnstein gives us a stern warning about respecting wildlife. Her video, which has over 3.7 million views, shows several cars lined up in traffic. People were out of their cars to catch a glimpse, while others were with huge cameras ready for the perfect shot and park wildlife management was blocking the road. This was all because a mama bear was crossing the street with her cubs. 

Who wouldn’t want to stop and watch these beautiful creatures cross the road?! The video she captured is amazing and adorable, but her reason for sharing means much more. The caption reads, “Little reminder that National parks aren’t zoos and these little pals deserve nothing but respect and all our energy towards conservation and protection.” 

wAw! This video is so cute, and the baby cubs are so tiny! We’d love to witness this rare occasion. But then again, you have to put yourself in this mama bear’s shoes. It might be scary for her. “Bear: Am I…the drama!?” wrote @Val. Not at all mama bear! We’re impeding on your space. @ISABELLA added, “She walks out at first like, what the hell is going on here 😂.” Everyone just wanted to see! 

As amazing as it would be to see a bear crossing, this video has left TikTok users conflicted. Some are in awe while others are saddened by humans taking over the homes of wildlife. One commenter said, “Darn, this video really shows you just how much we are invading on their home.” It’s true. Even all the roads in national parks have taken away parts of their homes. 

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But then on the other side, the creator said in the comments this bear, along with bear 399, is known to stay near the road with their babies. "It’s believed both bears use humans as protection against males!" she wrote. Wow, that's so interesting! We never would have thought about that. 

Whatever you believe, please just remember when you visit a national park, you are stepping into the homes of animals. Be respectful, clean, and careful. 

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