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Bookstore in Pennsylvania That Has Adoptable Cats Roaming the Store Is Straight Out of Heaven

If you spend enough time around bibliophiles (AKA people who love to read), you'll notice that many of them love animals too. That's great news for @cupboardmakerbooksstore in Enola, PA, because their cats are just as well-loved as their books. They're practically their own selling point!

It should come as no surprise that social media is eating this bookstore up--and now we are too! BRB while we fly out to Pennsylvania to pet some cats and read some books.

We have no clue how this place isn't packed full of book-loving feline fanatics. We'd be there in a heartbeat, and we aren't the only ones. 

"Is this heaven?!?" asked @jovigirl48101. It must be! Not only is the store absolutely stunning--that book arch is a whole vibe--but the 'Royal Cat Court' looks oh-so-inviting, too. @Reigns.tiktok2 said it best: "Ladies and Gentlemen I present you with... the purrfect bookstore." If the shop ever has to be renamed, we think that should be its new title. It's so fitting!

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One very helpful commenter asked some important questions for local viewers. "How do I get there and can I pet and read," @jackiejenkins300 wrote.

"Cupboard Maker Books is on Routes 11/15 in Enola, Pa only 10 minutes from Harrisburg," the bookstore replied. "Mouse and Zak love being petted." That's so cute! We suppose the third cat prefers to hide in the book stacks. Maybe if you're lucky, you'll meet her from a distance. It's just one more reason to go visit!


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