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Adorable Bulldog Has the Cutest 'Happy Feet' We've Ever Seen

English Bulldogs are so special. These dogs are calm and dignified and can be totally silly goofballs all at once. Historical evidence suggests the breed originated in 13th century England for the “sport” of bullbaiting, in which a staked bull fought a pack of dogs while spectators bet on the outcome.Thankfully, this "sport" was outlawed in 1835 and responsible breeders began the long transformation of turning these dogs from competitors to companions. 

Looking at amazingly adorable Stuart from TikTok users @SavingStuart account, and it's impossible to even imagine this guy's 13th century relatives as fighting dogs. 

Look at his happy feet! Oh our hearts! He is just so special and funny. @Monkeymom198 posts,"I’m officially in love with Stuart." Us too! @Monica adds, "Gah! Stuart is perfection." @Alexmariasmith posts, "He is literally the cutest little man ever."  We love his little ear and his cute little dance too. 

Like the video caption reads, he's just one of a kind. It's impossible to remember these dogs were bread for battle. Dance battle, sure, but fighting, no. We're so glad that this breed has evolved to be such adorable, lovely companions. 

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