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New Foster Kitten's Adorable Transformation Is Too Good to Miss

One thing we will never get tired of seeing is the transformation that takes place when a stray cat or kitten finds its way into a new home, shelter, or foster care. We love seeing the beautiful change that some kindness, shelter, food, warmth, and hygiene can do to a homeless animal. 

That's why this video that TikTok account @Fosterkittenmama is so sweet. This little guy doesn't even look like the same kitten! Floof incoming in 3...2...1..

Awwww! He looks so much better! Fosters really are the best people. @StephanieBaird posts, "I was not ready for that level of floof and cute." @SharonHornsby thinks this baby looks like a famous Harry Potter character in his bath time shot, posting, "Me- Aww it's a dobby .......its so floofyyyyyyy!" @Kikrsten120229 comments, "Expands upon drying." LOL! 

You can already tell this baby is going to grow up into a gorgeous cat. Here's hoping he finds his forever home soon, but with a face like that, we are sure it won't take long! 

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