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Tiny Turtle Carving Pumpkin Is Total Cuteness Overload

We have seen so many cats and dogs in the Halloween spirt. We have even seen bunnies and hippos celebrating spooky season. Well, get ready, because it's time for the tiniest little pet to get in on the action, and Fig the adorable little turtle doesn't want to be left out. 

Turtle (And cat! And plant!) mom @through.the.lleaves uploaded this festive video to TikTok of her tiny turtle Fig getting in the Halloween spirit and it's just everything. 

Awwww, he actually seems to be super into it, but that may be because he's enjoying so many snacks while mom carves the pumpkin. @Berettaflower thinks Fig has the right idea, and she posts, "He’s my spirit animal stuffing his face for hours while someone else carves the pumpkins." LOL, that's right Fig, make mom do all the work while you just sit here snacking and looking cute. @Mio adds, "Him just eating his leaves on the side is so adorable." @Shyanne Gibson85 is all about Fig posting, "Wins best costume award and best pumpkin of 2022." 

We love how much Fig loves his pumpkin and his tiny little cowboy hat. This turtle really is living his best Halloween life. "Have a turtley spooky Halloween!" indeed! We love this little guy. 

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