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Video of Munchkin Kitten Trying to Stay Awake Is All of Us

Things that make you sleepy: boring meetings, Thanksgiving dinner, taking a warm bath, watching someone yawn, drinking warm milk, watching an adorable kitten barely able to keep its eyes open. 

Don't believe us? Just watch this amazingly cute Munchkin kitten try to stay awake and see if this doesn't put you in the mood to take a nap too. 

We're not sleepy, you're sleepy! So many people are relating to this adorable video. @Lily says, "Me every evening forcing myself to stay awake for no reason (it makes me tired the next day)." @Amal says, "It's me, in class!" @Victoriarose adds "He's so me!" With over 950 thousand views, @TinyfoldMunchkin knew all of us sleepy people would be able to relate to this cute video. 

Now if only we had a darling little Munchkin kitten to curl up with and take a long afternoon nap. That would be the definition of cozy! 

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