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Shih-Tzu's 'Deep Thoughts' on Daylight Savings Time Are All Too Relatable

Some people are okay with daylight savings time. They say things like "Oh, we get to sleep in an extra hour!" It sure doesn't feel like it when 7 p.m. rolls around and everyone is exhausted and ready for bed! And! Then they wake up at 4 a.m because they have pets who have stomachs that don't know how to tell time and how can ONE little hour throw everything off like this? 

All we know is we and Tito aren't having it! Just watch this video that TikTok user @MaryJHawk posted and see if you can relate to this adorable little floof and the crook-eye he's giving his mom who ask him a really ridiculous question. 

"MOM! I've been being in bed!" Tito doesn't WANT to go to bed he wants to go to sleep and mom won't stop asking him if he wants to go to bed. He's already in bed! And why isn't Mom in bed? We think Tito is just like us with this absurd notion of daylight savings time and he'd just rather take all the cozy nap time he needs until he feels normal again. You can wake all of us up in the spring. 

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