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Dachshund Impatiently Waiting for His Breakfast Is All of Us in the Morning

Ask any pet owner and they'll tell you they need to do one thing every morning: feed their dog. So imagine how ticked one dog must of been when her human was a whopping 10 minutes late with breakfast. Come on Dad, get with it! 

Video of the Dachshund impatiently waiting to be fed has made its way to TikTok. And yes, it's just as funny as it sounds. "Her breakfast is 10 minutes late, SMH [Shake My Head]," the pooch's owner Addison Bounds (@cooking4wifey) wrote in the video's text overlay. The camera then pans over to Bounds' dog who was practically bouncing at the kitchen counter. "Anyone else’s Dachshund needy as HECK?!" Bounds wrote in the video's caption. The pup's face is too cute! And check out what she's doing with her arms.

Over 380,000 people watched Bounds' video and were cackling. "She do be waiting at the counter," @mynameiskendallmac joked. "With a quickness," @dr.rios__100__ joked as if reading the dog's mind. "Please! The starvation! It’s kicking in! I will die in 3 seconds if I don’t eat. Please sir. Feed your poor hungry pet. As if you never feed us ever," teased. "This is my min-pin every single day. Like bro, no one's gonna forget to feed you," @jc_rn_2013 quipped. 

While another commenter had a warning for the dad: "You’ve got a schedule to keep," @cassie_layne joked.

Of course, other people were tickled by their other dog, Sadie's, reaction. "Sadie's look really screaming 'you can wait,'" @chryztena wrote. "The other dog," @bellenprecious commented, after adding a crying-laughing emoji.

From the looks of it Bounds is an excellent cook. So we're sure the pup just couldn't wait for her personal chef. Bon appétit!