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Dachshund Won’t Leave Woman Alone at the Park and the Reason Is Epic

There is nothing more flattering than when a dog loves you, especially the dog isn’t your own. That’s probably why one woman felt like she won the lottery when a Dachshund at the park wouldn't stop following her. That is, until the dog's owner let it slip that there was another reason why her dog was obsessed. 

It all went down while at the dog park one day, the woman, Dot (@_dotzm_) explained in a TikTok video. Dot was walking about the park with a cup full of Starbucks when the Dachshund approached her. “POV: Thinking a random dog at the dog park followed me around cuz I gave good vibes,” she wrote in the video’s text overlay. But unfortunately it wasn’t the “vibes” that was bringing the dog around. Wait until you hear what was really going on.

“But then her mom told me that she has a coffee addiction and was eyeing my Starbucks,” she added. Welp, can’t win them all. HA!

The comments section couldn't help but tease Dot for what happened. “I thought what we had was special!” @justrashpanduh joked. "Or… hear me out. The dog saw you and instantly knew you had pup cup money energy and fell in love," @tankgirl80 added. "It's the eye contact and licking of the lips for me," @agreene0505 teased. "It all started with the pup cups, then the store samples came..." @byebyetwitter quipped. 

But other people worried that caffeine wasn't good for a pup. "I would be embarrassed to admit that my dog is addicted to coffee to stranger," @poochcoutureclothing joked. "Dog that drinks coffee… well that’s a new one," @freewheelchairmissio agreed. "Caffeine addiction? That’s bad for puppers though," @whatagaby explained. 

Although, one commenter might've got this whole thing cracked. "Naw he saw Starbucks and was asking where his puppuccino was," @she6ot6ame95 wrote. 

Makes total sense to us.