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Weekend 'Dachshund Camp' in the UK Looks Almost Too Good to Be True

Have you ever thought about what heaven looks like? Well now we don't have to guess. That's because we've seen a video on @harryandginnydesigns' TikTok page, showing off paradise— i.e. Dachshund Camp. Yep, you read that right. A place in the United Kingdom where Dachshunds (and their owners) can meet. And it's safe to say that we're totally jealous. 

The short but sweet video was just long enough to get a peek into the good life. The TikTok creator, Ginny, of Harry and Ginny's Designs, brought her pup to the camp and was having so much fun she just needed to share. "Sorry for the silence. I've been at Dachshund camp!" she wrote in the video's text overlay. "All the Dachshunds running around was just lovely." You know who else loved it? Her dog Harry! Just take a look at all these pups having the times of their lives.

"What a lovely weekend spent at Dachshund Camp! I’m not sure who enjoyed it more. Me or the dogs!" Ginny joked in the caption. 

The comments section was definitely jealous. "Whaaat. I've had a Dachshund for five years and never heard of this heaven!" @nadiaallen03 exclaimed. "Omg! Can I come without owning one?!" @asprinkleofthread wondered. "I wanna go, I wanna go, I wanna go," @amyvass2005 commented. "What!! Why have I only just heard of this?" @yasminrowlands0 asked. 

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Unfortunately, this might be a Dachshund owners only event. So the rest of us can only dream of how wonderful this really was. Sigh.

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