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Dachshund's Response to Being Done With His Walk Is Downright Hilarious

Dogs have a pretty hard time hiding their feelings as it is, but it's always entertaining AF when they make a big deal out of it. Who doesn't love a lil' drama in their lives? 

By the looks of this viral TikTok from @thebucafamily--as in wedding dress designer Samm Buca and her family-- there is no one who isn't into this Dachshunds' antics. There are smiles all around! The only people who are a bit rattled are his parents, of course, who are trying everything they can to coax him along. Nothing is stopping this dog when he decides he's done walking, though! Get a load of what he does!

We can't decide if this is more hilarious or relatable, honestly. There are definitely moments when we feel exactly like this pup, but his stubbornness really puts it over the top. 

"The way he got up and did it again to make his point 😂," pointed out @skinfiltrator. Right? It's just the funniest thing, but hey--it worked! He got a break out of it at least, even if the walk wasn't completely over.

With the most-liked comment of the video @geemzx said, "he's clearly dead you must pick him up immediately to save his life." At least someone gets what this weenie is trying to say! Too bad there were no other Dachshunds around to help make his point. 

"Must a sausage dog thing 😂," @jbird43991 commented. "Mine is exactly the same." LMAO! Dachshunds are a sweet, funny little breed to be sure, but this particular pup rates off-the-charts in personality.

"So cute and funny!!" @charlotterose48 wrote. "Why did he chose to do it in front of an audience 😂 gave them all entertainment with a coffee 😂." LOL--he sure did! It would have made our day to see that little performance while our for a coffee run. What a lucky audience they were!