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Dachshund's Unique Way of Drinking Water Is Too Cute to Resist

Any pet parent knows that every dog is one of a kind. From their likes and dislikes to the ways they communicate, you will never find another pup who's just like yours. Especially if your pup is Noodle the Mini Sausage!

This adorable miniature Dachshund, who goes by @noodletheminisausage on TikTok, is taking social media by storm with his...unique way of drinking water (if you can even call it drinking). We can confidently say that we've never seen a pup lap up water like this before, and it really is something else. Whatever floats your boat, Noodle! 

OMG, we can't get enough of this silly boy! From the water dripping down his face to the gigantic puddle on the floor, this entire scene is just too much. No wonder his human put a towel on the floor! 

Needless to say, viewers are just as enamored by Noodle as we are. @mbangane_tuahuku couldn't help but comment about this pup and "his ✨boba✨," and we totally get why. He's oh-so-precious! 

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 Commenter @4anqy asked the question we all had in the back of our minds, and we are forever grateful: "how did you discover this who puts frozen peas in water I need a story 😂." Um, yes please!

Luckily, Noodles' human was quick to oblige. They said, "he likes peas hates plain water he also likes shredded cheese in it so i guess he’s a flavoured water kind of guy." LMAO! We get it, Noodle--sometimes you've just got to change it up. 

"Same but instead of peas it’s mug root beer 😤," commented BARK. Yes, the very same BARK that brings you the famous BarkBox. Noodle should feel so honored! We don't know how popular his recipe for pea water will be, but his mukbang videos will go viral! 

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