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Dachshund's Creepy Discovery in the Backyard Has People Puzzled

Some dogs are chasers, some dogs are barkers, and others are chewers. So no matter what type of dog you have, going outside is always an adventure. One dog took the chewing game to the next level in a new video after discovering something odd in the backyard. The TikTok clip of the pup has reached over 3.2 million views and 420.8K likes. 

The video shows a Dachshund named @pizzathequeen chewing on "who knows what" in the backyard! The owner is filming the TikTok video from inside and notices the dog chewing on... something. When he realizes it's some sort of creature, he calls out to the dog in a panic. Just wait until you see what's in the dog's mouth.

What on EARTH is this little pup chewing on?! Some TikTok users are convinced it is a rat, and others are saying it looks like a dinosaur. "What in the Jurassic park," asked @Michelle Elaine. @Vachelle 🖤 added, "Where did she get a freeze dried rat? 😭" What are your thoughts?! "I can't tell whether it's a rat or a meerkat lmao," commented @lou. Whatever that thing is, it's creepy!! 

"Her face when she turns around 😂," wrote another commenter. We're wondering why she even wanted to play with that thing in the first place! TikTok user @Maggie warned, "Hi! I do not mean to panic you, but sometimes (sometimes) when rats are mummified like that, it means they died from rat poison. Please get her to the vet!" 

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This is a very wise warning! We need to be aware of what pets are ingesting and take proper precautions when necessary. So, will we ever find out what, exactly, this little Dachshund was chewing on? On second thought, maybe we don't want to know.

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