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Video of Dachshund Figuring Out How To Carry a Hula Hoop Is So Fun

Without a doubt, Dachshunds are so smart. But every once in a while, they're challenged with something that seems like a real pickle. Moose, a Dachshund on TikTok, had no idea how to get a hula hoop he was carrying in his mouth up a set of stairs. But watching him try and figure it out is the most adorable thing we've seen on the internet today. 

Like any reasonable being, Moose (@dewey_doll_28) just wanted to play with the hula hoop he found. But the question was how in the world was this small little guy gonna get the hoop up the stairs? First he tries sliding the hula hoop up the stairs — to negative results. Then he tries it again, nope. But the dog wasn't going to give up.

Again and again he goes at it, Until finally, Moose figured out that if he steps into the hula hoop he would be able to smoothly go up the steps. "Sausage Hula!" the video's caption reads. 

The comments section was cracking up. "I think I CAN---I think I CAN---I think I CAN," @theresamartin86 joked. "So cute he figured it out," @user82431196444738 chimed in. "You're one smart doggy," @tinataylor505 applauded. "The dog figured it out how to carry the hula hoop over the steps. How smart is that little dog?" @joanneterrell0 praised. 

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This wasn't the last time that Moose won the internet over. Another video on his page shows the pup running off with something very important. Toilet paper!

"Always thieving," his owner joked in the comments.

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