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Dachshund Proudly Hunts Stuffed Squirrel Toy and People Are So Here For It

We've seen it before and maybe you've even experienced it. Doggos happily coming back to the house with something unusual in their mouth. The dog owner is thinking, 'What on Earth?' as they try and investigate what the dog is holding in its mouth. When they finally let go, low and behold they captured a poor creature! Turtles, birds, squirrels. We've seen it all! But none of them come even close to how cute this hunting Dachshund is.

Now, we don't typically put Dachshunds and hunting in the same sentence, but TikTok doggy @louiethenoodle is one of the outliers. In one of his recent videos, he starts strutting back to the house from the backyard. As he gets closer, you can see he's holding something in his mouth because well, it's almost the same size as him! LOL! But what he captured really isn't what he thinks it is...And please don't be the one to break it to him! 

O.M.G. This is absolutely everything! Poor Louie doesn't have the slightest clue that he didn't catch a real squirrel. Instead, it's just a stuffed squirrel. LOL! But we aren't going to be the ones to break it to him, especially because he's so confident with his capture.

Did you see his walk?! He knew he did something big and was so proud to show it off. "The way he struts 😂," said @gasedup239. LOL! We aspire to have his confidence! "That is the walk of a proud Roman warrior coming home from battle 😂," added @lawrenceb473. This is SO accurate! Did you see him looking around like he was waiting for the applause?! LOL! "Good job buddy! The best hunter ever," wrote @monz__7. And so brave we might add!

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@strapich asked, "That's cute! Do you go hide it so he can find it?" The creator responded by saying, "Yes we do!! 😂😂." Ha! We love that soo much! Hopefully, he never catches on that the squirrel looks the exact same every time. LOL!

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