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Viral Video of Dachshund Imitating the Dog From 'Up' Just Won the Internet

Calling all Disney fans! One adorable little Dachshund is taking TikTok by storm after imitating Dug the dog from "Up," and it's the cutest dang thing we've ever seen! Trust us, you'll want to get a peek at this (and you'll also want to grab a tissue if that song from the movie gets you in the feels the way it gets us).

The four-legged star of this video is @teddytheminiaturedachsy_, whose tiny size is just as cute as his giant personality. Everything he does is precious AF, but when he takes on a Disney reenactment? It's too cute to handle! 

O.M.G! We literally cannot get enough of Teddy and his little hops--they're just so happy and cute! Commenter @arnb134 was somehow able to transform our feelings into words: "No! Just no .. this is too darn cute for me to handle ok! Although he’s a very smart pup x." 

Exactly! We are super impressed with Teddy's ability to actually copy Dug's actions on-screen, but it's hard to get past the sweetness. Even Pixar--yep, that Pixar, had to reach out with a comment! 

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They said, "our heart just melted," but we think they speak for us all. How could anyone be immune to Teddy's big brown eyes and happy little hops?

"OH MY GOODNESS I CAN’T," said @weratedogs. They're not immune, either! It's wild how many large accounts found Teddy's precious video, but really we aren't surprised. Just like @avrilm123 said, he's already "a little movie star ⭐️🥰." We can't wait for the day Teddy stars in a film of his very own! With his jumps, spins, and dramatic turns--he's practically already there!

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