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Dachshund Who Loves Going to the Gym Is the Definition of Dedicated

We're going to need to borrow some motivation from a gym rat named Millie. Actually, can they change the term "gym rat" to "gym dog" because Millie is no rat! She's a dedicated gym-goer that just happens to be a little Dachshund. TikTok user @k9mills recently shared a clip of Millie's routine at the gym, and let's just say we've never seen anyone so excited for a workout. 

Millie the Dachshund must have been going to the gym for years because she knows exactly what to do. Her routine from start to finish is just perfect! And why do we get the feeling she never complains about getting her #gainz in? We need to start taking some notes! Watch what she does right after she arrives!

OMG. She runs through the entrance, although we're unsure why. We never run to go to the gym. LOL. Then she checks in with the front desk, as you're supposed to, and goes straight to her station, plopping right on the backpack. She has her routine down pat. Meanwhile, we're walking around like a chicken with its head cut off, completely unsure what to do. Maybe she can teach us a thing or two? 

"Couldn't ask for a better gym partner! 🙌🏼," commented @Guill3n. We originally thought having a dog come along would be great, but after further review, a dog would lead us to just petting them the whole time. Does it still count as exercise if we enter the gym?! Ha! 

@Lifewithemxo said, "This dog has good manners. She said hi to the owner and sat patiently lol!!! She’s too cute!!" That's a sure sign that Millie is a regular gym-goer! "Dog was a bodybuilder in their past life," wrote @Chris Del. LOL. She had to have been! @Selena added, "She’s your personal trainer. She’s like alright, enough with the camera, let’s get to business lol." Ha! Sounds like she's a strict personal trainer. Strict or not, can we still borrow her for our gym motivation?