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Video of Dachshund Puppies Enjoying a Popsicle Is Quickly Going Viral

There's nothing like cooling off from the summer heat with an ice-cold popsicle. The moment you get your hands on it, you instantly feel a chill run down your spine, and your body is refreshed. It's probably the same feeling for dogs who are lucky enough to get a lick of a cool treat. 

We're guessing that's what happened in this TikTok clip from user @ronnyandbean. The video has over 15 million views and 4.4 million likes! An adorable little Dachshund is enjoying a tasty popsicle. You can tell in the pup's eyes that he's never tasted anything so good. And even his little licks are adorable. Just when you thought the video couldn't get any better, it does! Warning: cuteness overload! 

OMG. The only thing better than one Dachshund puppy is two puppies! So cute! And it looks like the popsicle is bigger than both of them. No wonder this video is quickly going viral. We can't get enough of it! 

"Think I just died and came to heaven," commented @Madison Fox. If this isn't heaven, we don't want it! @Alex_haymer said, "I've been watching this on repeat." Us too! Did 15 million people actually watch this video or are we just contributing to several hundred views?! 

Also, can we talk more about how the second dog came out of nowhere? If you listen very closely, you can here the little paws running to the popsicle. The second one didn't want to be left out! Luckily, there was so much of the popsicle to go around. LOL. @weratedogs said, "Thought I was seeing double for a sec." @tink_berry added, "Omg the sound of the little run 😩."

But wait, there's more of these two! Who knew eating a carrot could be so cute?! 

Aww! We love how one of them always comes running over and that they actually share with each other. Our hearts have officially melted.