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Video of Woman Calmly Waking Up Tiny Dachshund Puppy Is Going Viral

Is there any greater feeling than waking up in the morning to the happy, shining face of your dog? They're so happy to see you. You're their favorite person in the whole world. A video on TikTok just happened to catch one such magic moment for one dog owner and her Dachshund. And now people online are full of feelings.

There's no one who makes the morning bright and sunny quite like Blueberry. According to a video on his TikTok page @blueberryandhoneydew, little Blue is the happiest guy to wake up in the morning. "Come wake up our puppy with me," the video's text overlay reads. "Hi Bubbies. You ready to wake up from your nap?" his owner asked from behind the camera. Not only was Blueberry ready — he was such a good listener for his mama too. Take a look!

"Teaching calm behavior since day one," the pup's owner wrote in the caption.

The video has since been watched over 8.7 million times and it's clear that Blueberry had the internet's full attention. "I love seeing early crate training, early obedience training, ALL OF IT," @cupofemitea wrote in the comments section. "Your training," @johannaeffpunkt commented, before adding a positive emoji. "It’s never too early and both of you profit. The better he’s trained, the more freedom he can enjoy and: HE IS SOOOOO ADORABLE," they added. "Just woke up and already doing commands. 1000/10 good boy," @geecee233 praised. "Crate training is THE best thing when owning a dog, I wish I could get away with doing my child," @jaz_bradley joked. 

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Crate training can be helpful for a number of problems, but it definitely helps that Blueberries' mama is so gentle with him. A+ parenting!

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