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Dachshund's Annoyed Reaction to Family's New Puppy Is Cracking People Up

Although you might love your pet with all your heart, your pet may not always be the most welcoming to other animals. Especially if those animals take away precious attention from their human Mom or Dad. That's exactly what happened to one Dachshund from the United Kingdom when his owners brought another dog home. And the 'tude he gives the new pup is hilarious. 

The video from @mangonlemon's TikTok page shows little Mango as he's sitting on the couch. When who should show up? His new little Dachshund brother Lemon. Ugh, we can sense Mango's dislike from here. "Mango when we brought a new puppy home," the video's onscreen caption reads. Mango's reaction only gets better as Lemon gets closer to him.

"He’s gonna love him soon, right?" the caption states.

The video has racked up over 2 million views on TikTok. But the comments section was in agreement — Mango's attitude was too funny. "The side eye is powerful," @elenamassarotto_pmu joked. "MY DOG PRETENDED TO BE BLIND after I brought home a new puppy. I spent so much in vet bills & they said she’s just acting," @ellerazej shared. "Been six months and my first Dachshund still hates the second," @shendddo wrote. 

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Although one commenter gave the owner some hope: "My dog didn’t talk to me for two weeks when we got a second. They’re best friends now though so hopefully yours will be too!" @chloeljones_ commented. 

Unfortunately, Mango and Lemon are still in the getting to know you phase of their relationship. 

"He’s slowly getting better! Bless him, he is so sensitive," his mama wrote in the comments section.

Fingers crossed!

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