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Video of Dachshund Teaching Puppy Sibling How to Ring the 'Potty Bell' Is Just Precious

Teaching a new puppy how to go outside to do their business is no easy task. It may take time for them to understand how to ask to go outside and wean off the training pads. This can give owners major headaches over the accidents that might occur until they fully grasp potty training. But for some pups who have an older dog in the house, they can learn the ropes quickly. That's what happened with these Dachshund siblings in a new TikTok video. 

The clip posted by @alexandradolbear has over 1.4 million views and 130K likes within the past day. This adorable video shows a little Dachshund puppy near the back door, hoping to go outside but unsure how to ring the "potty bell." The older Dachshund rushes over to show the little one how to ring the bell. You can just see how excited the pup gets as he understands!  

Aww! What an amazing big sibling, and talk about a smart dog! TikTok user @Ally said, "Omg I’m obsessed." Aren't we all?! This is by far one of the cutest things ever! The little one was so proud, too! "OH MY GOSH, HE SAID, “look mom, I got this,” wrote @Daniell Gormus. 

"Older dog is like, 'Can you now open the door… making me look bad,'" added @MJ. But the pup didn't care. He was just so happy! You can see he understood the process and his tail was wagging so much. "He was like, “hmm ok, seems easy enough, let me try it” 🛎," said @Vee. 

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TikTok users are obsessed with the bell and are curious where this owner got it. And well, of course, where does one get anything? Amazon! Others are laughing saying their pups would abuse the bell power. "Nah because my dog would take advantage of it 24/7 😒," wrote @Keyonia. Ha! What do you think your dog would do? 

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