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Senior Dachshund's Devotion to Sick Little Girl Is So Heartwarming

Dogs are the definition of loyalty, but they can show their devotion in so many different ways. For this grumpy senior Dachshund, though, snuggling with his sick family member is the way to go. This little girl and her pup are truly the sweetest pair.

Their mom, @nicolejohnson111, posted the irresistible video to her TikTok account, and over 800 thousand people have fallen in love so far.  This sausage dog is definitely proving that a little love can go a long way!

How sweet is this little dude? He's so cuddled up with his human sister that we could barely see him until he lifted up his head. Even then, we could tell he just wanted to get back under the covers! Commenter @bigbriguy187 wrote, "hey you're letting the cold air in lol." That's probably exactly what he was thinking! 

Doxie owner @breakfast_sampler agrees. She shared, "my Dachshund NEVER misses an opportunity to snuggle with me LOL they are true snuggle bugs." It sounds like it! That makes the cuddles in this video complete win-wins for both the pup and the little girl, and we are here for it. 

"He is like my cuddles will heal the small human," said @thatashgirl. Exactly! She's getting some warm, sweet snuggles from her little buddy--and so is he. If you ask us (and many of the commenters), though, we think he knows how much she needs the comfort. Viewer @twina76 wrote, "They know. I’ve had so many cuddles when sick." Isn't it just the best? It takes the edge off of being sick--that's for sure.

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