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Video of Dachshund Teaching Pup Siblings How to Use the Doggie Door Is Too Cute

Aww. It's just so darn cute when dogs look out for each other. Did you happen to see the sweet video of the Dachshund teaching a puppy to use the potty bell? Well, apparently this breed has a thing for showing other animals the ropes. In a new TikTok video shared by @pawsomepets, yet another Dachshund (named Saucy) is seen showing her pup siblings how to use the doggie door. 

There was no credit given to the original poster of the clip, but we just couldn't resist talking about it. Just wait until you see what a determined little instructor Saucy is. What a good girl, indeed!

Haha! The other pups weren't quite getting it, but she didn't give up on them! People can't get over just how cute this video is. One commenter, @Carla Marie Patrick said, "I was sooo invested in that video 😂. I had to watch until the other dog came through hahaha yaaayyy 👏." Another TikTok user, @Lix Reeha bae noted, "Omg the way she just went inside and came out just to demonstrate is amazing! What a smart pup!" He really is an intelligent little gal! @Cambridge Victoria House added, "I was really worried that it would end in disappointment. That was a wild and frustrating ride. 😂" HA! It truly was. 

Of course, we only got to see the one dog finally figure it out. We can't help but wonder if the other one ever managed to get back into the house! One thing's for sure, if there's anything else those two pups don't know how to do, little Saucy will be there to save the day! 

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