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Mom's Video of Dachshund Who 'Only Walks at One Speed' Totally Cracks Us Up

Some of the happiest people and animals are the ones that live life at their own pace and don't let others dictate their movements. There's one dog that lives this way, and he is going viral for the hilarious situation he created while out on a walk with his family.

TikTok user @motherofsausages recently shared a video of two of her dachshunds out for a walk. In the video, one of these pups is walking to catch up to mom and his sibling, who are patiently waiting for him along the pathway. Check out the adorable video below to find  out why this pup needed to catch up to his family!

LOL, that dachshund is so funny with the way he wasn't rushing himself to catch up to his mom and sister. His mom says that he "only walks at one speed" and doesn't care who else he is walking with and what pace they're walking. This is one pup that knows what he wants, and he was not going to let anyone ruin his leisurely stroll!

People in the comments joked that this dachshund was actually hurrying as fast as he can to catch up to the rest of the group. @plusorwitch said, "He is going full speed," and @easy_maccc commented, "He's sprinting. Leave him alone." This dachshund is moving his little legs as fast as he can!

Others said the dachshund seemed impatient to get moving when he caught up to them! @renegodinezjr commented, 'He looks back at you like, “You coming or nah?!”' and @arozz0226 imaged this pup said, '“What are we waiting on? Let’s go."' This dog had a good pace going and did not want to have to stop! 

This video and the comments are just cracking us up. We love when dogs have funny moments like these where they are indifferent to the whims of their owners and other puppy siblings. We hope this dog keeps strolling at his own pace!

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